It’s Wednesdog!

Talulah’s stepping up to take this holiday week’s Wednesdog.

She was just a trooper during the last five days of our trip. We’ve been dealing with the cut on her leg, and it opened once during the trip. Without an excess of exercise, I was worried that she’d be worse than she was.

But she was great.

You should see her with my nieces. You can tell why her breed was a babysitting dog for so long. She loves kids, and is so patient with them.

In the picture above, she’s wearing my niece’s boots and t-shirt.




It’s Wednesdog!

This very special, day-after-election Wednesdog is brought to you by adopted German Shepherd Scarlett.

I’ve posted Scarlett before, but only used one T to spell her name.

Scarlett is my neighbor’s dog whom we dogsat for a couple days at the beginning of October. Scarlett has had a troubled life so far. Our neighbor has needed to work with a behavior specialist.

We’ve decided that a lot of the issues stem around loud noises and metal monsters like bikes, cars, etc. Unfortunately, we have a crapload of that here in the city.

But when our neighbor takes Scarlett to the country, well, the stress is alleviated, and Scarlett behaves like a happy-go-lucky dog.

In the shots above and below, Scarlett was enjoying time with her BFF Talulah. Being in a pack seemed to be good for Scarlett.

But you can tell that at a moment’s notice, Scarlett could have a nervous breakdown.

We’ll see how Scarlett progresses over the years, because eventually she’ll need to acclimate to the city.


It’s Wednesdog!


Okay, it might be late, but today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by a super wonky picture of Talulah.

But as you can see, it was well worth the wait and the wonkiness. What a cute freaking pup.

That’s not lipstick making her mouth red, but I know it makes you want to kiss her.

I hope you had a gorgeous Wednesdog and you humped somebody or something at some point today.




It’s Wednesdog!


This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by crappy people who take advantage of other people.

I recently asked the owner of the dog in the picture above for copyrights to sell this image. She told me she didn’t feel comfortable.


Because of this woman and for this woman, I have donated several thousand dollars of my services to our community. Tina and I did a photo shoot fundraiser raising over $1400 and donating over $3,000 of our time and resources. We shot her previous dog for free, and we gave a heavily reduced rate to shoot the above set of images.

And she can’t sign over the full rights to me to use this image in a sales campaign.

That’s crappy, folks. That’s more than crappy. But there are crappier things in the world.

Like Mitt Romney convincing good people that he’s the most viable option for U.S. President.

When you’re out humping today, don’t hump someone else in malice.

For someone else’s god’s sake, be nice.



It’s Wednesdog!

Today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by sweet little Rigby. Rigby is a two-year old Corgi submitted by my buddy Ryno.

Not to rush off from the topic at hand, but Ryno is an amazing visual artist, which contributes so well to why this photo tittles my tattles.

Ryno writes:

interests include: eating grass, long walks on the beach and i believe her favorite movie is Mannequin.

It’s great to see the kids pick up a movie like Mannequin and help it become a classic.

Happy Humpin’ Wednesdog and fourth of July, ya’ll!

It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Talulah.

Over the weekend, we visited our suburban friends whom we stayed with for a week in Hawaii. They have a small farm of animals; one dog, three cats, several fish and two rabbits.

These cats aren’t like Zoe. Talulah can get close to them without losing an eye.

Here’s a shot of Lu dog hoping to pounce on a can of Fancy Feast once the middle kitty is done licking the metal clean.

That’s Talulah’s depressed stance by the way. Sometimes, when it seems she’s bored, she hangs her head and looks up with big pouty eyes. It’ll break your heart.

We have to say, “Lulah, get your freaking head up! You don’t realize how well you’ve got it. You’re a spoiled brat and shouldn’t be down at all!”

She understands every word.

Here’s a bonus Wednesdog video of Talulah and Meg swimming in a dirty-ass pond near our hosts’ home.

It’s Wednesdog!

Dear Talulah volunteered herself to be this week’s Wednesdog. She bought a special hula dress for the occasion and everything.

She made me take a front and back.

Holy crap, I think I’m writing like that dumb mom you know who signs all of her baby gift thank yous from the baby itself. As if the baby can write.

I’m a freak!

Happy Humpday. Be sure to fit some sex in today during your busy schedule. You could do it alone, with your partner or some massive orgy. That would be fun.

It’s Wednesdog!

Today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Talulah and her boyfriend Tivo. Tivo is a chocolate Doberman who has a special way of making Talulah do the puppy-dog dance of joy.

You should see the way they wrestle. It’s so cute. And then, when you thought they couldn’t get cuter, Talulah and Tivo will walk up to one another and kiss each other, smackdab on the mouth.

Tivo is Bill’s dog. And since our studio is a dedicated area of Bill’s apartment, we like to give Talulah an assistant credit by bringing her on set. While I’m throwing direction at a model, Tivo and Talulah occupy themselves with a wrestle fest.

This is a shot Tina took from the back door during a load out.

Happy Wednesdog!

It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by my niece’s dog Bella.

Bella is an odd breed. She’s a mix between a Rottweiler, a Great Dane, a Lhasa Apso and a Venezuelan Kangaroo.

I’m not kidding.

Okay. I am.

Bella’s a Chichimunga Chihuahua. She loves eating, pooping, drinking water, and barking.

Apparently she likes to get her pink-blonde hair all over black blankets as well.

Can you tell I’m making this up?

My dad submitted the shot. I don’t have any age information.

She does love barking at me, though. That’s for sure.

Don’t forget to hump a stranger’s leg today and lick their face when they get mad.

It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s humping, sweet cheeks Wednesdog is brought to you by regular-reading dog lover Petursey and his sweet, sweet girl Molly.

Pete’s one of our many international readers who — if you didn’t know — has an eye and know-how for great photography and a penchant for keeping one of the cutest dogs ever.

I want to let Pete tell you the story of how he got Molly. It’s a great one:

The weird thing about Molly and me is that when I got her I never actually planned to get her. I’d made the appointment to go and see the breeder but was not sure about getting her as she was brindle ( I wanted a red Akita) and that she was the last puppy. When I got to the breeders I asked why she was the last pup and the breeder said there were two reasons…one that she’d been standoff-ish with everyone who came to see the other puppies and two the breeder wanted to keep her herself but her husband said No.. So she warned me not to expect much when she opened the doors….so I was prepared for a not very nice puppy. The breeder opened the door..Molly appeared saw me, looked in my eyes and flew across the room and onto my lap. Everyone looked on in shock and the breeders husband said ” Well someone made her choice it was like she had been waiting…I paid the money and came home with the best dog in the world… And the rest is history !

See! I told you it was great.

Don’t forget to brush between your canines today.

And hug a dog and hump a leg when you can!