The human face evolved over seven million years … here are actual photos of each face along the way

This short film shows you what the evolution  — should you accept “facts” from research and “science” —  over the past 7 million years may have looked like of our ancestors to the human face.

Otherwise, you have to base your origin story on something else. Like a turtle giving birth. Or a talking snake in a garden.



Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children. In other news, neither are the stories of Noah, Samson, Jonah and Jesus


Best quote from the above video:

And I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can—we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.

Thanks, Tina!


Lollapallooza day 1, who am I photographing today?

It’s day one of #Lollapalooza. It’s the first concert fest that I’ve ever shot.

I can’t say I’m not nervous.

I am.

The evidence is in the restless sleep I got the last three nights. It’s evidenced as well by the uncontrollable urge to approach complete strangers and say, “I’m shooting Lolla.”

I hope I can blog about my experiences everyday. At least today, I’ll give you an idea of who I’m shooting.

I’m working for Time Out Chicago, and I’m one of six or seven photographers covering every band and act throughout the weekend. I didn’t get to choose the bands I’m shooting, but we all got a mix of big and small acts whom we may or may not love.

How it works is, I’m one of a zillion press photographers at the Fest. Before each act goes on, I go wait in a line of photographers. Just before the act goes on stage, personel and security lets us all in a pit area which is a gated section between the audience and the bands. For the first three songs, I can shoot as much as I want from as many angles as they’ll let me get to.

It’s not all that glamourous, but the feeling of shooting a band live from the front is a BLAST. It’s a great, big adrenaline rush.

And you should try it.

For more information on Lolla and watch some live footage, go here.

Since the rest of this post includes several links to YouTube videos, I’m going to break it below the fold. 

First off, The Growlers, 12:45 (Red Bull Stage)

I’ve got The Growlers at 12:45. I found a few videos from them, and I’ll post one below that I liked of them playing live. You know they’re up-and-coming, because they’re playing early on Friday and their videos aren’t as high on hit counts. But the lead singer uses two mics, so you know they’re going to be great … someday.

Second: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, 2 p.m., (Perry’s Stage)

For all of you who don’t know, Perry Ferrell names the DJ stage after himself, since — well — he DJs a bit. I’ve never shot a DJ before, so I’m excited to try it. From what I understand, I’ll have more opportunity to turn my lens toward the crowd. I mean, how many shots can you get of a guy spinning a record.

The music is, for the most part, tame. Chill. Relaxed.

Here’s one song to whet your …

Third, Tame Impala 3:15, (Sony Stage)

Tame Impala is a band that exudes a retro feel. It’s not something I’m completely drawn to. But I have a feeling regular-reading Aaron might like to at least give this one a try. The feel is very Beetles to me. The bass player seems to use a Rickenbacker. And the drums have that symbol heaviness that brings you back to a 70s den of inequity. :0

The best song I found from them is the second clip.

4) The Head & The Heart,  5:15 (Sony Stage)

With the Head & The Heart, we drift toward bands that more people have heard of. I’m not saying no one’s heard of the previous acts. Just work with me here.

One motif for Friday is just how tame and relaxed the bands are that I’m shooting. Meanwhile, Bill’s going to shoot fucking Black Sabbath.

If you haven’t heard this track from The Head & The Heart, you need a new radio station in your town.

5) Porter Robinson, 5:45 (Perry’s Stage) 

Back at the DJ stage, and it sounds that Porter Robinson is a little less tame at points. But if you can’t find me at 6 p.m., look under the trees around the periphery. I will be napping there.

5) M83, 7:30 (Sony Stage) 

My headliner for day one is M83. Tina likes this band. Again, enough with all the lullabies already. I bet any amount of money that David Lynch will use M83 on his next movie soundtrack. They’re kind of Peter Gabriel meets a choir of crybabies. The stuff is borderline wrist cutting. But, hey, I don’t have to like everything I hear and photograph, right?

The second track, Midnight City, is their most popular.

Tuesday Inspiration: Travel your ass off and Make it Count


Over at the Daily, they posted the above video and wrote:

When Nike gave Internet video maker Casey Neistat a hefty advance payment and orders to #makeitcount, it’s unlikely this is what the company had in mind. Nicely done.

They also traveled that many places in 10 days.

I found the video inspirational and fun. It got criticism on YouTube. But screw them.

I also found this article called, Practical Tips from 4 Years of Traveling The World. You should read it.

There are 21 great pieces of advice, including this:

11. People are more alike than you think.

My preferred way of connecting to people is via food but regardless of your passions or interests, travelling will also open your eyes to the fact that we are all more alike than we think. Yes, there are cultural differences and traditions that differ – vastly – but the basics of human emotions and the kindness in a smile are omnipresent, and a beautiful reminder of our shared humanity. Be it the Laotian woman on my bus to Vientiane who only wanted to talk about how men in Thailand thought they were better than men in Laos, to the soldiers in the Philippines who wanted to know how we in Canada survived without growing our own rice, to the family in Bolivia who asked why tourists didn’t swaddle their babies on their back, Bolivian-style. Threads of common human queries – love, food, parenting, and many more – resurface again and again. Ask questions, encourage people to ask them of you. In the end, these knots of human connection are what makes the world go round.

And these:

15. Packing does not get easier.

I wrote a piece on long term travel and the things it doesn’t fix. In it, I talked about how, 2.5 years into my travels, I still hated packing. It’s now 4 years into my travels. Guess what? I still hate packing.

16. Not planning too far ahead leaves you the flexibility to need to take the wonderful opportunities that come your way.

I get quite a few emails asking if I opted for a round-the-world ticket or whether I plan as I go. I’ve addressed this in the resources page but I want to reiterate it here because I think it’s important: don’t plan too far ahead. Over and above the undeniable fact that I thought I’d be back in North America by now (and not still travelling), so many of the places I loved beyond belief are the ones that weren’t even on my initial, vague itinerary. There’s nothing wrong with planning, or doing research, or even booking longer-haul flights if you have a set schedule to follow. But leave as much as you can to as-you-go travel. You’ll meet people who wax poetic about a specific destination and want to go there; you’ll decide you need – NEED! – to go to the Philippines with your brother because you’ve become fascinated by a small primate that you need to see in person; you will find yourself and your mind expanded by the sheer impossibility of everything being available to you, if only you could choose where to go first.

It is a scary thing, to leave it open to the whims of your brain as you travel, but a worthwhile one.

My goal is not to be a stay at home photographer. It’s to travel the world endlessly with cameras on my back, exploring this great big earth that God created (honk).

And when I’m done or it’s done with me, I’ll measure my life in these things.

Let’s do this.

Bill Maher pokes fun at Mississippians

I’m pretty damn tired of watching #youtube videos that go out of sync. I don’t know what YouTube changed, but they have to change it back.

Just saying.

In the meantime, try to watch this video. Regardless of what Bill says, they might have cherry picked a little. But it’s still fascinating to hear the perspectives, as it’s not a far cry from things I’ve heard when traveling through North Carolina.


Is it just me or is the Amazing Mike Murdock less than amazing?

This is the seventh episode of what YouTuber MrBigfun calls the Crazy Christian series.

At the beginning of the clip, Murdock says that if you have lots of credit card debt, the way to get out of that debt is to donate a $1000 more on the card to Murdock’s dock, I mean ministry, I mean, greed. I mean, fourth house fund. I mean, hooker budget.

In the video, Murdock has such award-winning, solid gold lines as:

“I ain’t seen a woman as beautiful as a hundred dollar bill.”


“I think I could handle the fire [of hell], but I just couldn’t stand all the fools. That makes you want to go to heaven, don’t it?”


“I said to the LORD, but I already have a debt free house. And he said to me, ‘But you’re only going to want One house. You’re getting old. Old people want more than one home.'”

And what’s up with all the YouTube videos going out of sync these days?



Today is loaded with train wrecks

Here’s clip from the never-ending source of idiocy and windbaggery Pat Robertson in which he says America is headed for a atheist dictatorship:

The comments at the YouTube link will tittle your tattle. Go check them out.

If this country is 80% Christian, and the good goddamn majority of them are gun-toting, cowboys, I haven’t a clue what fear-mongering Robertson is laying down.

Bestiality is real? 

The other train wreck is that, earlier, when I was posting about that hetero who screwed his neighbor’s Lab, I stumbled on this reddit thread about a girl who claims to LOOOOOOOOOOOVE bestiality.

If you click this, be prepared to tunnel into a world of surprise and sexual whimsy.

The person discussing their love for bestiality is waaaaaaaaaay too knowledgeable.

The TYWKIWDBI trainwreck 

And if you’re looking for a train wreck of good clean fun, just go visit Stan at TYWKIWDBI. His blog is a treasure trove of great posts full of wonder and amazement.

The response to Rick Perry

This morning, I saw that regular reader MJ Shepherd posted a screen cap of Rick Perry’s YouTube page showing how many dislikes there are for his recent “Strong” video.

The video is viral, and it has gotten a lot of play on my Facebook wall, almost all negative, that I can tell.

I went and grabbed a new screen capture of the video to show the current level of likes vs dislikes. It has accumulated 747,019 hits. Of those, 170,383 dislikes and 3691 are likes.

Another thought crossed my mind as I looked at the video again. Perry’s production team deserves some kind of metaphor award for this one.

Notice how Perry is framed far “right” of the frame. He’s so far right, that his weight brings the level down in his favor. Probably with the use of a tilt-shift lens, the “left” is blurry. The right is clear, well lighted, colorful.

If you don’t think someone thought this through, you’re underestimating production.

Regardless, Perry is still a douche, and I hope he gets the GOP nomination. He’ll splinter the republican party.

Holy Trainwreck, are Smurfs and My Little Pony Satanic? I hope so!

From the YouTube Channel:

Yes, I have a sick obsession with watching low budget Christian television. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I know I’m not alone!

Clips from Club 36 with Dorothy Spaulding.

All of these clips are from a single show that was recorded from their live stream Oct 6th, 2011

Thumbs up if you agree they are INSANE.

Their stream for even more wackiness:

Note, this “episode” isn’t really connected to games, so I posted on my personal account rather than my Robinson Technologies account.

Part 1 here:

Part 3 here:

Part 4 here