Hipstamatic Zoe vs. Talulah

I loved these two shots that Tina took of Zoe and Talulah … separately of course. We only have them together in a couple shots.

The cuteness factor might explode your brains so wear a cuteness condom if you have one.



We’ve been slowly introducing Talulah and Zoe, especially while Talulah is crated and we can bring Zoe in for a few moments at a time.

Zoe ends up hissing and running away.

For the most part, Zoe has been staying in the bedroom with her food and litterbox. She sleeps with us, and Talulah sleeps in her crate in my office. We only have a two-bedroom condo, so there’s not a huge amount of space to separate them.

Last night, we tried to alternate time with Zoe and Talulah by the TV. We were catching up on shows that Tina recorded. Zoe was first to be out with us. When Zoe went back into the bedroom on her own, we let Talulah in the living room with us.

After about an hour, Zoe emerged from the bedroom and I froze up. I said, “Look who’s coming. She has to know Talulah is here.”

Tina and I both relaxed and let things happen. Talulah completely ignored Zoe. She was passed out between us on the couch.

By the way, I was opposed to Talulah on the furniture, but Tina was cool. Tina won.

For about 30 or 45 minutes before we went to bed, Zoe sat on a window sill five feet from us just watching.

That’s progress, right?