News flash: Baal exists. And when you look at porn, you give him (it?) the legal right to operate your life.

This may come as news to some of you, but Baal — that pagan god found in the Old Testament — is real.

And if you watch porn, or you’re gay, you have given him the right to control your life.

And this — as we’re told — is bad.




The liberal media conspiracy wants to cover up all the news you should hear about

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Same guy from yesterday is stuffing my Facebook feed with pro-gun graphics.

I really don’t care if you’re pro-gun. But when this graphic precedes the graphics of the slain, the pain surges through my person.

And when the message is riddled with ignorance? Who forgot about that event that happened back in 1997?

No body.

It was reported 24/7 just like any other big event.

Stop, stop, stop being assholes about whether you want a gun in your home in the wake of this tragedy.

I don’t care who you pray to and what you do on Sunday morning. I don’t.

I don’t care if you LOVE guns.

Armchair activism is on steep decline.