Adoption, better than anything else

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 2.03.15 PM

You have to go to Vimeo to watch this video. But do me a favor.


Do yourselves a favor.

Watch it.

It’s the story of a family with 9 adopted kids.

It’s a beautifully done video. But it’s an even more beautiful message.

Adoption, its very essence, is why I choose not to believe.

When you’re adopted, you are chosen. When you are chosen, you are loved. And when you weigh the warm love of reality with the cold, absent love of supernatural, there is no comparison.

When you tell me that God’s love is unconditional and I compare that idea — you know, the one with hell and heaven and non-believers are separated from Him — with the idea of human love and compassion.

When human love and compassion surpasses God’s version, there’s something wrong with the latter and everything right with the former.

Keep a box a tissues handy.

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