Gervais on the Bible and religion

When the English say, “Bullocks” it makes me giggle. I wish I was English so I could say “bullocks” and make other people giggle.

I love the bit when he says a critic complains that, “Gervais deconstructs the bible. That’s easy isn’t it?” He says, “It shouldn’t be easy at all. It should be difficult.”

Seriously, that shit is spot on. If god is so miraculous, couldn’t he make it harder to deconstruct?

I laughed so hard a tear formed.

If you believe the biblical story, you owe it to Adam and Eve to climb up into the tree of knowledge and frolic in its branches

This graphic speaks volumes for evolution. Look at how we share bone structure with fish.

A couple years ago, I visited an amazing UIC campus bookstore. I picked up a book called, “Your Inner Fish” by Neil Shubin. You should read it.

At the time, I had no idea who Shubin was, but the book sleeve caught my attention. I bought and read the book, and it was a remarkable read.

In the book, Shubin had discovered a fossil of a fish-like creature which had the ability to walk on land. Walk? It was more like a pull itself with its front fins. He named it Tiktaalik, and its discovery has invigorated and pushed evolution even further than it was before.

Shubin also does a great job describing genes that we share as far back with flies and plants. When turned on and off, the produce the different parts of our bodies. We share these genes, because we are made the the same exact stuff.

Back when I was taking 10th grade biology, my teacher Mrs. Huckabee said that at one point in embryonic development, it appears that humans have gill slits. Let me remind you that this was a Christian school. She refused to explain why. She just explained it was a developmental phenomenon. For the longest time, I searched and searched for the answer to why we would have gill slits. The internet would have been a handy tool for a little kid like me stuck wondering blindly through the Yeshua Fog.

Finally, I found the answer in evolutionary biology some four of five years later at my Christian college. We have gill slits for a short time because of our fish ancestry. Our genes turn on and off like switches during our development. At one point, gill slits turn on.
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