Atheist woman lives with Christian family for 30 days, everybody wins

Last night I went to bed with my laptop. I had a busy day yesterday, and I wanted to catch up on my blogs.

Debunking Christianity’s John Loftus posted a video from the 30 Days series on FX about an atheist woman who goes to live with a Christian family in Texas for 30 days.

I thought that it was a fair treatment through editing. I don’t think the Christians or the atheist were made to look nutty or like morons. The Christian husband seemed to have the hardest time accepting the atheist while the Christian wife seemed to really get a grasp of what it was that made the atheist who she is.

I really enjoyed the bible studies in which groups of Christians really asked questions about the atheist and they seemed to be forced to re-evaluate their misconceptions of non-belief.

I have probably said too much. My point is that I REALLY want to encourage anyone who is either a Christian dealing with an atheist in their family or among their friends to watch this video. It might do well to dispel some misunderstandings about what it’s like to live in the same space as one of us.

Here’s a link for the video. It’s very much worth watching.