Palin Guilty of Major Ethics Act Violation: Must Return $386,000 in Contributions

Nearly a year after she quit her governorship of Alaska, Sarah Palin was found guilty today of another breach of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act involving her so-called Alaska Fund Trust (AFT), which she established as a private “legal defense fund” while governor.

Timothy Petumenos, independent counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board (and ironically, the same independent counsel who issued the Troopergate findings nearly two years ago while Palin was the GOP vice-presidential nominee), presented the state’s Findings, Consent Decree and Settlement Agreement this afternoon from the perfectly named Adventure Room of the Captain Cook Hotel in downtown Anchorage.

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Just to put this into perspective, take your annual income. Divide that number into $386,000. That’s how long it would take to make the amount of money that Sarah Fucking Palin will be able to pay back to the state in one fell swoop. She won’t go on a payment plan. She won’t borrow money against her mortgage. She’s got that kind of money in her back pocket.

Or maybe it’s stuffed in the tie-die shirt she’s wearing above.

What a douchebag.

What morons we are for letting people win some bizarre lottery while letting so many go without.

5 thoughts on “Palin Guilty of Major Ethics Act Violation: Must Return $386,000 in Contributions

  1. Heh… guilty, eh? There are so many legitimate reasons to rip on Palin, why do so many feel it necessary to make mountains out of molehills on the mundane stuff. This time with a touch of irony. The wording involving the fund used the term “official” that could have given a false perception of it being part of the gov’t… so to describe it the Huffing’n’puffing Post intentionally misleads its audience by describing it as if she was convicted of something. Guilty!

    The NY Times had a non-hyperventilating blurb about it:

    “A legal defense fund set up for Sarah Palin when she was Alaska governor was illegal, an investigator for the State Personnel Board said Thursday. The investigator, Timothy Petumenos, said the Alaska Fund Trust inappropriately used the word “official” on its Web site to describe it, wrongly implying Ms. Palin’s endorsement as governor. He said, however, that Ms. Palin acted in good faith and relied on lawyers to make sure the fund was lawful. Her lawyer said she would return the money from the fund, which brought in almost $390,000.” [emphasis added]

    As far as politicians being well off… that’s pretty typical on both sides. I don’t know about you, but if I luck out with a high paying career I might donate a lot more towards charity, but I’m not going to be taking a vow of poverty.

    1. My stomach turned when I saw that the story I was hoping for came from HP.

      As for Mr. Petumenos, since he said it, I should believe it. Problem solved.

      As for the part about making better money, I should have been clearer that I think that about all politicians, actors, sports stars, celebrities.

      Regardless of the money people make, the discrepancy between the poor and the rich pisses me off enough to kvetch about tirelessly.

      See! I am doing something.

      But the idea that Joe Blow CEO is somehow more entitled than anyone else, fuck that.

      I don’t think everyone “rich” won a life lottery. I just don’t agree that people who are in wealthier brackets deserve any more respect, better treatment or accolade. How can anyone who knows what it feels like to have that much money around really, truly have their finger on the pulse of the average bloke’s needs and wants.

      1. I wouldn’t get too upset over the discrepancy between the poor and the rich… it’s kinda inherent in their definitions. If there was no discrepancy or even a minute one… we wouldn’t be talking about poor and rich anymore. As far as being entitled to being rich, that almost sounds like an argument of deserves… which gets into all sorts of political philosophy nightmares. Once a government, empowered by a mob or just by its own iron grip, has the power to decide who deserves their stuff or not… it tends to get ugly. Rights of property are so nice they protected them in the Constitution twice. 🙂

      2. I try not to get worked up. It’s just that when I think about it, I can’t help it.

        Maybe it’s part jealousy part desire to be free of financial concern. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “poor” by any stretch of the imagination.

        I’ll let you know how big of a hypocrite I am about it once money springs from my ears and ass for no other reason than I got lucky.

      3. Sounds like a plan. Likewise, if I become rich beyond imagination, I’ll keep a log of my hypocrisy on the matter… after the legion of high class Spitzer recommended hookers untie me.

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