Christianity Disproved?

I saw a link for this web site on a blog that I don’t visit very much. The link was for a web site called, “Christianity Disproved.”

The issue with web sites like this is that most Christians won’t look at it. Even if I link to it, and say, “Hey, this is solid information.” I’ll likely get very little click throughs from believers.

Non-believers — on the other hand — will click on it quite a bit.

I’m passing the site along anyway. Go check it out.

6 thoughts on “Christianity Disproved?

  1. I am a believer and I read Step 6 of 7. Clearly, there is no understanding of the bible here.

    We’ve heard it a million times, that the bible is a unit as a whole and cannot have a verse pulled out of context. This is true. If this weren’t the case, I could pull out different verses that say there is no God.

    If this site understood the meaning behind the words, it would stop the ignorance of the exegesis.

    1. The link was messed up. It should have pointed you toward the first page of the site. I fixed it now.

      Tell me more about this “context”.

      Taking the site into full context, do you have a different response?

  2. I’ll go through the entire website with my Bible and the things I know about Christianity, and post my conclusions about this site in my next blog.

    1. That sounds excellent. Please drop me a line when it’s up.

      I can truly appreciate when a person respects context enough to take that which he criticizes into full context before passing judgement.

      All the best,


  3. Okay. 8 non-stop hours later… in the great words of Jesus Christ, “It is finished.”

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