FWAAI!!!! McWiggle’s Training Video

There are many things I’ve done that may never see the light of day. I’m pulling this one out of that vault for the hell of it.

This was a video parody of a training video I did with a comic named Matt Braunger back in 2000. He wrote and directed it, and we shot it at a restaurant brewery called Rock Bottom. I did the graphics. I used a loop of one of my brother Jon’s songs, and we showed it in the underground comedy room I used to help with back in the day.

It was a fun ride to do short films like this with guys who hadn’t stepped in front of a camera with their own scripts before.

The actual meat of the piece is okay. I came up with the pool table bit, which tended to get a lot of laughs. And if you can hold out or skip to the end credits, Braunger’s riffing abilities are pretty entertaining.

What’s great is that over time, the quality degraded so much that it looks more like a training video now than it did when we did the video.

Try to hold your food down on this one.

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