Tina tastes the drink of the day

Yesterday, we walked around with the on-site wedding coordinator to get a lay of the land for where all the events are going to be.

At one point, a guy walked up with a blue drink. He announced that it was the wedding’s signature drink. They asked if Tina wanted to taste it. She did. Then I tasted it. And then I took Tina’s picture tasting it.

The drink is a little sweet for my taste, but it didn’t stop me from taking another swig to make sure.

2 thoughts on “Tina tastes the drink of the day

  1. It’s a rough life you two are living and it totally sucks to be you guys right now!

    And by it totally sucks to be you two right now I mean I wish I were the one at the beach with an ice cold drink right now dammit!


  2. Majority or all drinks in Mexico are watered down with juices especially the all-inclusive resorts… hence the sweetness. Blue curaçao for tinting a juice drink?

    If you weren’t in a safe hotel/resort, accepting a drink CAN be dangerous. See the movie Touristas.

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