Oh, religious Facebook memes. How I love you

The meme above reads, “No matter who is president, Jesus is King.”

And we all know how crappy kings are. You’re either in or your out. Kings have a nasty way of expressing leadership through tyranny. And the tyranny of hell is brutal. Do you really think the thought crime of disbelief should result in an eternity of damnation?

Really? That doesn’t sound unconditional to me.

Unconditional with a condition.

I would much rather have the realism of conditional love that Tina offers me. It means she’ll love the heck out of me, but if I do shitty things to her … well, she’s got options.

No one should be forced to love anyone. Hell or high water, you aren’t locked in.

And then there’s the one below with a glorious, outstretched arm Jesus that reads, “I forgive you. Share if you accept me.”

I tell you what. He can forgive me all day long. But I refuse to forgive “Him.” How’s that?

I’m sharing with you because I except, not accept, him.


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