Photographer Alexander Neumann is an asshole

Nothing chafes my cheeks more than to see someone else succeed.


I grow furious with rage. Some would call it Hulksteritis.

I call it Oldtestamentitis.


Photographer Alexander Neumann spends his days shooting beautiful models in beautiful places, all day, practically every day. He then sends his photos to three minions sitting behind computers and they have to sift through and develop the images.

Added, he shoots for publications like: Vogue Mexico, GQ Mexico, Dazed and Confused Korea, and Saks Mexico…

And to add insult to injury, he doesn’t use anything but available light.

There are photographers whom I love in the industry. And the more I learn about all of them, the more they are complete assholes.


Because they’re doing what I want to be doing, doing it well, and doing it in ways that I either can’t or am unable to do.

Here’s a shot of his below. Go check out more and read an interview with him at Fstoppers.



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