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  1. As a stickler, that quote is on page 2, minus the cover letter.

    Your point is something no one is trifling over. Did you not hear what the president said or do your finger tips crammed in your ear sockets and your voice loudly exclaiming “LALALALALALALALA” compete with his volume?

    Where was your pathetic excuse for a blog when President Bush led the United States into the throes of this depression?

    You are a deplorable dishonor to this great nation. It’s why there seems to be little in the way of response to your posts. It’s because they are demonstrably and verifiably false.

    Why don’t you aim for improving this country rather than trying to contribute to some sort of demise? You are not helping. You’re

    Your guilty of everything you rail against, and it makes me sick.


  2. Both parties, and their leadership, are so full of crap about their desired “reforms.” The Factcheck of the debate pretty well covers why: http://factcheck.org/2010/02/health-care-summit-squabbles/

    It’d be insulting to even call anything proposed a half measure at this point. Like the latest map post, we’re looking at joining the ranks of “technicality” nations like many highlighted that don’t actually offer universal care either because huge swaths of their population don’t qualify or only qualify for what we’d consider witch-doctory in their vast unregulated regions (re cuba, china, russia, mexico, etc).

    None of these proposals, dem or repub, get us near the norm on the western industrialized world. I’m more pissed at the dems though. They blew a supermajority that could have done something dramatic and useful. The repubs, well did we really expect them to act any other way?

  3. See my previous post….social healthcare works…thats why we all live longer over here in Europe …taking this to its logical conclusion..the republican conservative christians who don’t want social healthcare and to be treated equally are in a roundabout way being sent back to their sky fairy earlier…whilst the republican party gets bank rolled by the megarich health insurance companies..

  4. Here it seems that the insurance companies back both parties. The dem plan, even the one with the public option, is mainly going to get the insurance companies more customers, both subsidized and unsubsidized. Meanwhile the cost is expected to go up regardless. The version with the public option doesn’t even help because that option is expected to cost more due to no competitive advantage on provider rates and taking on more expensive clients.

    The single payer and other radical ideas never even made it out of the gate with a democratic supermajority. The gop plans suck too, but it’s not like we’re looking at a choice between a european system and the status quo. We’re looking at a slight altered status quo that will still be nothing even remotely as efficient or inexpensive as the european models… regardless of whether one likes the dem or repub proposals. Neither deserve to be called “reform” imo. Especially since neither address the nightmare of the current gov’t health care programs here via the SSA and VA which is, also imo, a national disgrace between the two of them.

    I think they really believe that, like HMOs and other superficial “reforms” in the past, this will just make us go away for a few decades and they can use their “accomplishments” to win some elections in the meantime. Meanwhile we’ll still have a horrendously inefficient and unconscionably expensive system with limited access. Yippee…

  5. The Dutch system is simple, wonderful, fair and it works !

    Everyone has a choice of insurers, all insurers are regulated, they all charge around the same (about $1200 per year), people on lowers incomes get tax relief on their premiums, everyone has a minimum excess of €150 (so effectively you pay the first 150 of all treatments a year and nothing else) but you can reduce your premiums by taking a higher excess. Eyecare, dental, doctors, medicines and operations are all covered..if a doctor says you need treatment you get it…no arguments from the insurers. Simple, effective, logical and practical.

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