The deeper this country sinks, the more people jump on the Obama bandwagon. It doesn’t make sense?

I saw an update on facebook that reads, “the lower the country sinks the higher obama’s approval rating gets….what the fuck is wrong with this country?”

Grammar aside, that’s a profound statement.


I mean, surely a little over half of America couldn’t be smart enough to figure out that Romney is clearly the better choice to lead this country.

Clearly, everyone else are idiots. And Rosalind here, she’s got the system beat.

The other day, I wrote a poorly edited email to my dad about a seminar we photographed last week. In the email, I tried to explain that I had the privilege of sitting in on a symposium delivered by the top 1% to the top 1% on how to get more business from the 1%.

What was clear was that the 1% at this meeting of five speakers and over 150 industry leaders in architecture, business, banking, interior design and building was that the economy is better than it was just under four years ago when the current administration took office.

It’s thanks to the leadership that’s currently there, and if the administration changes, prepare for some more volatility in the markets. A steady upswing is a better upswing.

These are the horses talking to horses.

Socially, I’m sure the person who wrote the update above and people like her are at their wits’ ends. Maybe.

Or maybe I’m wrong. And all those stupid bankers, business leaders and money lovers are idiots, too.

Maybe we’re all on a train headed for a cliff with no tracks going over it.

Yes, I’m sure Obama’s vision is to take us with him. You can tell he’s Satan by the horns and pitchfork.

Demonization is unbecoming.

One thought on “The deeper this country sinks, the more people jump on the Obama bandwagon. It doesn’t make sense?

  1. It would be easier to accept or refute her premise if she were to give us some metric(s) to assess this sinking she speaks of. It would be even nicer if she were to detail how exactly Obama is at fault for said sinking and how that in turn translates into higher poll numbers for Obama.

    What’s that you say? She offered nothing else? Just talking out of her ass? Oh ok, got it!

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