YES! Charles F. Feeney does what Jesus commanded without wearing a blinky, “I love Jesus” T-shirt


Charles F. Feeney is a billionaire I can get behind. He’s a philanthropist who is deadset on giving away his fortunes to good causes and also focused on encouraging other billionaires to do the same.

Warren Buffet calls him the “spiritual leader” to like-walleted others.

And rightly so.

Only I don’t know that Feeney does it for Yeshua or any overt religious organization. For years, he worked to give away his millions anonymously. He’s now reached a more recognizable public persona, but still doesn’t seem to wear any blinky-lighted t-shirt that screams “Look at me!”

From that evil, liberal, deceitful rag the NY Times:

Mr. Feeney, 81, a man with no romantic attachment to wealth or its trappings, said the world had enough urgent problems that required attention now, before they became even more expensive to solve.

“When you’ve got the money, you spend it,” Mr. Feeney said. “When you’ve spent it all, let someone else get going and spend theirs.”

When the last of its money has been spent and it closes its doors sometime around 2020, Atlantic Philanthropies will be by far the largest such organization to have voluntarily shut itself down, according to Steven Lawrence, director of research for the Foundation Center. (The much bigger Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to shut down 50 years after its founders die.)

If it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, Feeney appears to be sending a superiority of camels through that little hole.

So while churches, pastors and Christian-run fast food corporations grow wealthier and swim in their gold like Scrooge McDuck, guys like Feeney and Bill Gates —  who have no connection to faith or Yeshua — are outshining the “good” guys a billion times over.

Two more things to point out:

He has given away essentially everything he has made, apart from decent, though not extravagant, provisions for his four daughters and one son. They all worked through college as waiters, maids and cashiers.


“I want the last check I write to bounce,” Mr. Feeney said.



3 thoughts on “YES! Charles F. Feeney does what Jesus commanded without wearing a blinky, “I love Jesus” T-shirt

  1. I agree with much of what you say about Feeney. He is a most remarkable man and rich Christians would do well stop and think about what Jesus / Yeshua commanded and His statement that — you CANNOT love money and God, you will love the one and hate the other. So if we love God, what then should our attitude be about money?

    However, comparing Feeney, Gates, etc. to rich Christians misses the main point Jesus was making about God and money. A better reference isn’t rich Christians, but the widow Yeshua points out in Luke 21. “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all (Gates, Feeney, and rich Christians); for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.” None of these philanthropists are going to be on the street anytime soon. Every single day, Christians all over the world are giving more (from Jesus’ point-of-view) than Feeney, etc. Yet, no what writes about them in blogs or major magazines. But God takes notice – it’s front page news in His Kingdom.

    There are countless Christians who don’t know where the money for next month’s rent and groceries will come from — yet they give “out of their poverty.” Knocking the rich Christians, while justified to a degree and with some truth, is also kind of an dangerous judgment. Maybe the rich Christians give more than you and me (percentage wise). So are you and I more like the widow in what/how we give, or the Pharisees? That’s the question God is asking. We need to be careful, if we choose to judge our brothers and sister who are rich. We will be judged in the same way that we judge them. We don’t really know what these rich Christians are doing (at least I don’t). On the other hand, they should be judging themselves, for God will ask them to give an account; and He will ask us to give an account as well.

    I’m not on the edge of poverty, but perhaps, if I were more faithful I would be on the edge. While the world is dazzled with the amount of money Feeney and others are giving — God isn’t looking at the amount, but the level of faith and how much sacrifice is involved. Feeney is an wonderful example, but nothing compared to the poor widow and the millions of Christians around that world who are like her. Peace and Grace to you.

  2. Bless you for an answer I was trying to formulate. Some unnamed Christians known only to Jesus pay their lives every day just for being Christian

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