An interview with yours truly

Pretend you’re my guinea pig.


Tina and I have been trying to develop ways to market our business.

Wait, did I tell you that Tina and I are going into business full time with one another.

If not, we are going into business full time with one another.

Tah dah!

And in an un-serious manner we’ve been trying to interview ourselves more often to get us more at ease about being in front of the camera. I feel that, I have access to all the equipment to make us a picture and sound in front of people, why not put reigns on that beast.

Being in front of a camera is difficult. You can be holly jolly all day long, but stick a lens in front of your mug, and watch yourself deflate like a flatulent honk.

Recently, we were on a shoot, and I jumped in front of the camera.

I crapped together this two minute interview to stick in front of all of you just for the hell of it. Seriously, there’s no way to fit in all in the information I would ever want to say. But you have to go with an answer, right?

I know. This is such a pathetic attempt at megalomaniacal narcissistic bullshittery. You can criticize me all you like. It won’t deflate me. I’m still looking for the right answers to a series of questions, and I could care less what tomatoes you throw at me.

I take it back. Be kind.



A couple “new” shots from Asia

I’ve been going through my shots from Asia again recently. I would love to make a book. In the meantime, I’m trying to identify photos that I’ve passed over that might deserve a chance to be in the collection.

Here are a few “new” ones that stood out.

Comment of the Day

Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...
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The comment of the day is from David on the thread The Disaster Cookbook. David says:

No, the Bible does not condone slavery. It does, however, accept it as something that was common at the time, and gives some guidelines for how slaves should live.

Wow, slavery isn’t okay in the bible, but it does offer ways to guide it in the event there are slaves in one’s culture … all in the same paragraph. Ding dong ding goes the bells of cognitive dissonance!

Slavery is in the bible, because it was accepted at the time?

Of course, depending on where you live, slavery is still accepted. And depending how you look at it, it’s accepted in countries that call themselves “Christian.”

Dip below the fold to see what the New Testament says about slavery and to see how badly I have taken what the word of god says out of context (everyone knows the Old Testament is chockfull of slave references). Surely David’s argument would work if the bible were against slavery from the get go.

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Talulah and my Nieces

Over the Christmas Holiday, Tina and I were excited that Talulah was such a good dog with my nieces. Here’s a couple cute video clips of Talulah hanging out with them. There’s a random shot thrown in of my 1.5 year old niece Eisley looking super cute. She’s at that universal stage in which kids seem to scream and cry when I get too close to them.