Work in progress

Here’s a portion of the work I’ve been sucked into these past few days. It’s a video promoting a show here in Chicago and in NYC.

I’m sharing it with you only because I’m excited about the direction it’s going.




1994 Katie Couric: What’s the Internet?

This video tripped me out. I don’t know if I would have been able to give a straight answer regarding what the Internet was in 1994 either. I would have given some convoluted “War Games” answer.

I don’t think I got a modem for my computer until 1995.

Then it was hello AOL. You’ve got mail. Pixely boobs. My how the Internet has grown.

How the seahorse got its shape — by Nature Video

See how the seahorse’s curiously curved trunk, bent head and long snout help it to catch its dinner. Seahorses evolved from straight-bodied swimmers like pipefish. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications shows why a straight body might become S-shaped. To read the original research paper, click here:…

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Let’s get tribal

There’s a great discussion over at the Thursday Reading List thread. You should read it.

Here’s the way I see it. I vouched for and invited Julie Ferwerda into our tribe. Let’s call us Le Café Witteveeners.

Le Café Witteveeners are tribally hazing Ferwerda, I include myself in that hazing.

Although, if I read myself right and what you guys are writing, we’re not trying to chase her away. It’s to test her worth. It’s to prod her and see what’s up.

She’s a believer of an open-minded sort that none of us have seen in the wild too often. Her intentions and motivations are being tested and somewhat hazed to see if she’s adequate to join the Witteveeners.

Our responses are spot on with natural human behavior. We’re a tribe. She’s been invited to be a part of it. Everyone has to beat the shit out of her to see if she can stand back up after a good tribal bludgeoning.

I like Julie. There are many questions I have for her that I haven’t asked yet. But for the most part, I accept her intentions to be a part of the group.

That’s not to say, I’m not naïve. Back in the day, I accommodated zdenny, and he wasn’t open-minded at all. I also didn’t mind when closed-minded Prophet Lady hung around until I saw that she was praying for someone to die, and it got personal and I reported her to her local police. As for ol’ Justin and Mark, the Pullman WAs, I’m surprised their babysitters let them on computers.

But Julie seems open minded and she sees herself as a believer.

And what would it matter if she weren’t? The conversations around here could benefit from a “Christian” voice. Because frankly, we’re few dozen Christian voices shy of a good conversation, and having one representative for belief not run for her life might be kind of nice.

Having Julie around is like being stuck on a boat way out at sea, going half mad looking for our prey, dropping a fresh piece of meat in the water and trying to kill her as soon as she swims up rather than invite her up for a cup of tea.

It’s like we’re all bottled up with questions for a Christian who seems reasoned. And we’re dying for her to validate us. That’s not going to happen. She’s not going to completely leave her tribe. We have to treat her in a global-minded, freethinking way. We have to treat her, well, Jesus like. At least the Jesus I thought I knew back it the day.

I admire Julie for braving her way through the Witteveener gauntlets. I stayed away from her blog and facebook discussions, because I’m not ready to take her tribe on at the moment. Firstly, I don’t have time. Secondly, I’ve got a couple real bruises that I’m nursing. And thirdly, they don’t live up to my standards.

I’m so badass.

I’d like to think of myself as a “friendly” atheist. I think of myself as an “open-minded” atheist.

I have confidence atheists who show up here see themselves that way.

Let’s go back to business as usual, exposing Christian hypocrites, pillaging the women, bitching about our Christian pasts, joking about Internet phenomenon, raping the horses, and driving nails into Julie’s wrists and ankles!

Who’s with me! Woo hoo!

By the way, Witteveener sounds like “Wittle Wiener”

Happy Friday!

Just in time for the weekend: The United States of Beer map

click to embiggen

This way, you’ll know what beer you should bring to a local’s house if they invite you for dinner. If that beer doesn’t agree with you, you can pick up a sixer of your own beer to hide in your oversized trench coat.

Not to be outdone by Walgreen’s announcement to make and market their own beer and wine.

Source for the above graphic