Reddit thread train wreck

I browse every day. Okay, maybe I skim it. But I look at it, nonetheless.

This thread had me at “hello”. The guy in the above photo says:

Back in March of 2010 I found out I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. That same week, feeling like crap, a buddy and I went camping. So, it felt fitting to return to the same spot and burn all my cancer material 🙂

Did you notice how young that guy looks? Holy crap!

Go read the thread. There are some great messages written there.

May all who suffer the stresses of cancers and diseases find peace and solace from time with loved ones, from scientific progress, and from a genuinely positive sense of humor.

Did you hear?

Bible illustration c.1900
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Three wise men riding on camels showed up at my door a few minutes ago. They said they have come from far away, because they saw a star shining in the sky just over the new, Le Café Witteveen widget that allows users to see recent comments.

They kept murmuring, “Thank George for his blessings. Thank him. Praise him. Hallelujah!”

They brought gifts. Two of them I white elephanted already. But the third one, they tell me is a thing called gold. I’m going to bring it to a local Cash For Gold store first thing in the morning.


Operation: Target Santa

"Father Christmas" is often synonymo...
The real enemy of Christmas! Hitler Klaus

Over the past weeks of Holy Days, I’ve been thinking more about the group who killed Santa via firing squad and posted their video about it.

The group was right. Santa is Christianity’s enemy. I’d say he’s more of an enemy than all secularists and other religious folks combined. To hell with the FOX News inspired War on Christmas. Christians should war down the idea of Santa.

Santa is an imaginary fellow who parents use as a ploy to inspire good behavior in Children. But shouldn’t the message of Jesus … the awesomest, most brilliant messenger of all time be good enough to inspire good behavior and greatness?

Christians are digging their religion’s grave by sharing their Holy Day with something secular, something Un Holy. Santa’s way cooler than Jesus. Santa offers immediate gratification. To children, death is a lifetime away. No matter how many times you tell a child, “Jesus is better than Santa.” And no matter how many times they parrot what you say, Santa is always way cooler than Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t have a radar tracker. Yawn, he’s all around you.

Jesus doesn’t let you sit on his lap. He doesn’t wipe away the tears of fear, hand you a candy cane and say, “Since you were a good little girl, I’ll bring you that My Little Pony.”

Jesus has bloody palms, moans about being forsaken and walks around half naked. Santa is a cuddly old man bear in a warm coat with a penchant for laughter and holly jolly folly!

I know it’s a little late for this message. But there’s always next year. Christians, follow the lead of these redneck weirdos … assassinate Santa and focus on really putting the Christ back in Christmas.

It’s not Santamas for Christsakes, is it?