Contemporary cinema meets world-altering speech


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I made no other attempt to pay respects to MLK today. I feel guilty about it. Stop exacerbating the situation with all your questions and incessant bickering.

I have been mulling over a facebook update I saw this morning, and frankly it’s distracted me from writing an update paying respects to Martin King. That fb friend wrote an update this morning that said,

“Thanks be to God for Martin Luther King, Jr. and his monumental work. I read this today. This South was part of my early years and I can remember the separate water fountains and the signs “For Coloreds Only”. Thank you to MLK and all of the heroes who worked with him for their sacrificial work. We still have a lot of maturing to do.”

The friend then posted this article.

Is God really who we need to thank for MLK? Forget all that other stuff stuff my friend wrote. It was the “thank god” part that I can’t seem to get my head around.

I get it. I really do. People say “Thank god” as a cliché more than anything significant. Tina says it occasionally, and I respond, “Thank who?”

People say it flippantly. They say, “Thank god, I found my keys.” or “Thank god, there’s more Pepsi in the fridge.” Or “Thank god, I didn’t get an STD the last time I had sex with that skanky whore.”

There’s really no meaning behind it at all. There’s no meaning when people say it deep in the Yeshua Fog™. They’re thanking a dude they have never met. Yeah sure, they read about Him(s) in a book, but they don’t know who the hell god is.

Turn it around. Think about it like that argument from Chris Hitchens. Hitch would say, “So god stood with folded arms for eons letting people treat other people as if they weren’t equal. Well, he unfolded his arms and wrote that part … erhm those parts … in the bible in which certain people do not need equal rights. He wrote about how to treat slaves. He wrote about how to discipline them. And then god folded his arms again and stood around for centuries until he invented Martin Luther King, Jr?”

How fucking callous is that?

“Thank god?”

Thank humanity. Thank human growth and understanding. Thank mind-altering influences from people who set out to pick up sledgehammers and knock down all those goddamn “coloreds only” drinking fountains. Thank progress.

The only thing that’s clear is that god is NOT the one to thank for Martin Luther King, Jr.

The worst of it is,  there are still too many people who’d like to kick god in the balls for ripping out the separate fountains.

Five seconds of fame!

Check out this video of the events from last Thursday and Friday. The video is from a blog called “Cool Chicago,” and the head guy shoots and edits these videos himself.

Go to minute 1:25 to catch my 5 seconds of fame. I was so shocked to see this guy working alone, that I took a photo of him (above). Tina said my face looked like I was constipated.

Speaking of the funny pages

This morning I wrote an edition of Pope Mohammed. To write the series, I usually set my mind to think of a topic, but it doesn’t happen right away. Lately it’s been taking weeks. But I don’t force anything. I let it happen organically.

What usually happens is I think of something in the middle of the night. I’ll reach for my phone, type out a phrase or a sentence, press send and go back to sleep. My iPhone is set to automatically email me without doing anything.

In the morning, I get a couple emails from myself about a few different things. It’s like Christmas for an amnesiac or multiple personality disorder, because usually I forget I emailed anything. Sometimes if I’ve had too much to drink, I’ll email myself reminders. Otherwise I lose great thoughts that I’d piss away otherwise.

This morning, I received an email marked 5:18 a.m. It read, “You will be held accountable for your dreams.”

Thanks for the recent comments on the series, by the way. I didn’t know if they were striking a chord with anyone. I liked the character, and I’m still fleshing him out. Or is it a her? Bum bum bah!

Around midnight last night, I found some comics that I wanted to post, which is where the idea of integrating comics came from. These were the three comics I planned to post during the course of the week, but I’m going to blow the load right now.



I can’t remember where this one is from.

I liked this one too:


I liked a lot of these. Go to the “via” below and check them out.


Singing hymns all together

On last night’s Family Guy, there are a few church scenes. About a minute after the credits, the family goes to church. The hymn they sing is,

“If we praise Jesus by singing all together, it makes this whole exercise seem less bizarre than it really is when you actually stand back and examine it with some objectivity…Amen”

You can watch the episode on Hulu here.

Pope Mohammed and Your Dreams

“You will be held accountable for what you do in your dreams,” says Pope Mohammed, his index finger is grappling the handle of a blue coffee cup that reads “Man of Steel” on one side. The other side features the SuperMan emblem. On his lap, there’s a newspaper open to the funnies section.

You’re browsing the Internet on your iPad. You look up. “What’s that, Pope Mohammed?”

Pope Mohammed looks up, gives you eye contact, and says, “You will be held accountable for what you do in your dreams.”

“Is that the punchline to ‘The Wizard of Id?” You ask.

“No. If you dream that you killed someone, Gollah will punish you in the afterlife.” Pope Mohammed is not kidding.

You scrunch your eyebrows. “Wha? How’s that? How can I be punished for what I can’t control?”

“Gollah knows your intent,” Pope Mohammed says quickly.

There’s a pause. The clock on the wall tocks a few times. Pope Mohammed says, “If you have sex with someone other than your wife in your dreams, Gollah will punish you in the afterlife.” Pope Mohammed runs his fingers over the thought cloud of a frame in “Peanuts” comic as if it’s braille. He smiles. He doesn’t look up.

“I’m not married,” you say.

Pope Mohammed looks up. He takes a sip of his light brown, cup of coffee. “You plan on getting married someday, right?”

You say, “Probably.”

“Having sex in your dreams with someone whom you are not married … that’s committing adultery with someone else’s wife.”

“What if I marry her … only at a later date?”

Pope Mohammed raises his cup. The “Man of Steel” side is facing you. He says, “Are you currently married to this woman?”


Pope Mohammed slurps a gulp of coffee. A droplet falls from the corner of his mouth onto his white shirt. He wipes it with his palm just below his thumb. Without giving you eye contact he says, “Then you committed adultery.”