MIchele Bachmann: ‘I don’t judge gays’

Yeah, Michele Idiot Bachmann, my gay friends are personally enslaved … and their eyes glow red when they look at me as if possessed by Satan.

Bachmann eschews the reality of homosexuality with the stupidest, unfounded ideology ever, then has the gall to say, “I’m running for president.” As if homosexuality isn’t one hot issue that, because of people like her, won’t go away. It’s an easy fix, Michele, accept homosexuality and ignore all those damning parts of the bible, just like you ignore so much of the rest of that book.

With these polls popping up and Obama’s record sliding, I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for Bachmann having a chance to be the next president. It’ll be a sad day for Americans.

Her inauguration speech will include the lines, “Come with me, America! Let me guide your hands back to the dismal dark ages. Because that’s when ignorance was winning and my religion stomped on the people’s collective faces! What a glorious time we will  have!”

From the YouTube video page:

Michele Bachmann, fresh from a victory in the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday, appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning, and was again dogged with questions about her anti-gay platform, this time declaring, “I don’t judge gays.”
Story: http://t.co/kHMZq99

5 thoughts on “MIchele Bachmann: ‘I don’t judge gays’

  1. I wouldn’t be worried about MB becoming President.
    Republicans, more than Democrats, depend on a very wide base of support that I think would be polarized by a Bachmann candidacy.

    There are many Republicans in the middle who would be scared of an overtly and dogmatically religious candidate obsessed with social conservatism at the expense of fiscal policy.
    She may be a populist candidate, but she is pandering to a small yet vocal minority. She will be forced to temper her ideology in order to be a viable candidate- and her past statements will make it harder and harder to speak to both kinds of voter.

    Republicans have a viable opportunity to take the White House, but not by putting up a candidate more controversial than Obama. I have money on Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani (possibly), or George Pataki. They could win a presidency. The best Republican, and the only one I really like, is Jon Huntsman- but he’s a longshot at this point.

    1. Pipe dreams, you Canadian, pipe dreams.

      It’s amazing to read your understanding of American politics, when 55% to 65% of Americans probably can’t identify one candidate who might be running right now.

      I agree with you that the three names you called out would be best. And I can see myself getting somewhat behind any of those three at least in theory. I can’t help but think that McCain would have fared much better in the last election if it weren’t for Palin, and that’s the sentiment you’re aiming for when downgrading Bachmann.

      But, what worries me is that when I see someone as smart and intelligent as my father being swayed by the likes of Bachmann, I’m ready to think ANYTHING is possible.

      The religious right has been chipping away at its base for so long, maybe the current situation is so dismal that all those half-wit Christians who are being fed the load of shit I was handed in school will come blasting out of the woodwork and vote for dumbass Bachmann.

      I think that maybe, just maybe, you underestimate the level of progress (term used loosely) that the radical, right wing has made in this country.

      Last night I read most of this article at The New Yorker about Bachmann:


      I like how the reporter makes every effort to make Marcus a flaming homosexual.

      1. I love politics, so my curiosity is piqued by the unique pomp and grandeur of the American political stage.

        The fact remains that Democrats are in trouble. Obama has had the effect of organizing the right wing voting base, and his seeming ineptitude at handling the job has made the left ambivalent. If Republicans want to exploit this though, they need to have a leader who can keep the right wing tent big enough to accommodate as many voters as possible- while simultaneously not setting fire to a left wing populist insurgency. A Bachmann or Palin candidacy risks creating a base of people not voting for Obama but against the Republican.
        I’m not saying that this is a slam dunk, but if I was a Republican strategist, or Fox News, I would smell blood in the water- and I wouldn’t want to play up a candidate who I thought might cause an election fumble that brings out a strong Democratic vote.

        Honestly, what has hurt American politics most in the past decade or so is the ramifications of ideology. Clinton was a fiscally conservative/ socially liberal Democrat. He was able to blend the best of both spectrums- he was never bound to a specific ideology.
        From there, we go to Bush Jr., who pushed an ideological agenda of global dominance and corporate liberty. America suffers. Obama comes in and pushes a watered down socialist idealism, insisting on taking on billions in social spending in the worst recession since the 1930’s. America suffers. What then, now? Do we counter idealism with ideology? Do we slowly strip away our social safety net while systematically chipping away at our revenue stream? Do we bankrupt the nation blindly stabbing the dark in search of Utopia? Or do we look to temper public spending, slowly setting the stage for future infrastructure, increasing government revenues and cutting deficits? Pragmatism isn’t sexy, but it works. Idealism is for when you can afford to be idealistic, and the pragmatist in me thinks that won’t be for at least two more economic cycles.

        What I am saying is that if Bachmann Palin, or Santorum win the nod, or if Obama doesn’t find a way to sell tax hikes and a full scale gutting of military and homeland security expenditures- and giving up ground on Healthcare spending in the short term at least, America will be bankrupt in a matter of years.

  2. This woman is dangerous, and stupid .. A lethal combination. She’s actually worse than Palin as her nastiness is planned, managed and co- ordinated …

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