Pee per dee

I have this friend. Let’s call her Sunny. Shoot, let’s call her Sunny Lee.

Sunny started a Photo a Day project with her friend, and her friend bailed. She cried and cried about it, and finally I said, “Sunny … Sunny Lee? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

With a big ol’ pouty lip she said, “My friend doesn’t want to do a Photo a Day with me any mo.”

“And that hurts you?” I asked.


“Do you want me to do it with you?” I asked. Knowing full well, I do it anyway.

And she said, “Yes.”

So I’m going to do a Photo a day. With Sunny Lee.

It’s not a hard thing. You can do it with your phone.

Or you can do it with your pinhole camera. If you have a digital pinhole camera, you’ll get results faster.

I wanted to see about opening it up to you. I thought that I could do a Photo a Day submission. You guys submit photos, and either we run a thread of them per day (which probably won’t work). Or we run a weekly submission and all the photos go into a post.

Really, I want to do it for my pro site to help generate traffic.

So I’m curious how to get it started. I mean, if I put on the photo of the day and add everyone’s to it, what’s the harm in having it once a day?

Regardless, I’m going to do it. If you want to contribute, contact me here.

I’m also looking for a name. Maybe we’ll call it, “Pee Per Dee.”

Because Peeper has both a visual connotation and a sexual one. And you know how we are around here with our fart jokes and all.

By the way, Sunny Lee is my friend’s name. No kidding.

Or maybe I’ll call it Pee Per Dee with Sunny Lee.

Officially, today is day 93 (I think). Regardless, it rhymes with Lee and Dee. And Pee Pee.

The above photo was taken beneath the train tracks about a mile north of our condo.


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