Caffeine-less and Steady Forward Ho

Albeit since Friday, I’ve been caffeine-free-ish. I have been drinking decaf coffee. This morning and yesterday, I threw in one scoop of regular coffee to two scoops decaf.

When I check my blood pressure in the morning before a cup of regular coffee and after, it jumps considerably. I figured that’s another way I need to battle elevated blood pressure for the time being. I mean, shit, I’ve almost gone completely sodium-free. I don’t add it to anything. I stay away from processed foods. I’ve cut way down on cheese intake. These aren’t all culpable for high blood pressure. But if I can get my cholesterol down (which is also high), blood pressure will inevitably follow.

So far I haven’t experienced any headaches, but Friday night and Sunday, I slept more than I usually do. I figured I’m sick or the caffeine really plays a larger role than I thought in my sleep habits.

Although last night was one of the worst nights I’ve had in a long time. I woke up at 4 and diagnosed myself with schizophrenia, because I was hearing voices and noises in the house, and I had to get up and check every room and closet for bad guys. It was awful. There was no one there, and the more I tried to ignore my thoughts, the more I heard shit.

Today, Tina and I are shooting two more kids. Friday we’re shooting a maternity shot. Mama’s having twins, ya’ll. Saturday we fly to Charlotte. Sleep there. Drive to Asheville in the morning. Go to a wedding at Biltmore Estates. We sleep on site. Then we drive to High Point for two nights before flying back out of Charlotte (my birthplace) on Wednesday.


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