Gotta Reblog: TYWKIWDBI, The “ovarian lottery.” Brooklyn, N.Y., 1947

I was over at one of my new favorite haunts, TYWKIWDBI, and I read a post called, “The “ovarian lottery.” Brooklyn, N.Y., 1947” (link to post).

I never heard that Warren Buffet referred to where you’re born as the “ovarian lottery,” but it’s the perfect verbal representation of why most poor are poor, rich are rich, Christians are Christians, Muslims are Muslims, and on and on and on.

Here is the picture and text that TYWKIWDBI posted. It’s food for thought.

I was one year old when this photo was taken, so that little kid in the window and I are contemporaries.  Our lives have been quite different.

Warren Buffett referred to that situation as the “ovarian lottery.”  It’s the single most important thing in your entire life.

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