This cartoon shows what Glenn Beck believes

Glenn Beck is a moron Mormon. The video below is a teaching tool that Mormons showed their youth for bible study and learning. It offers all kinds of great information about the origins of Mormonism, including where black people come from.

How in Sanity’s name could you take Beck seriously after learning the load of incredible fantasy that man holds as true and good?

Before you criticize this cartoon as crazy, consider the beliefs you uphold and second guess whether your ideas are absolutely bonker nuts.

And then pat yourself on the back for not falling for Mormonism. What a load of bullshit.

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***UPDATE Feb, 9, 2011***

According to this, this video isn’t an accurate portrayal of Mormonism.

Although despite the video being fake, the fact remains that Mormonism is completely crazy, and it would be completely crazy to believe the stuff they teach.


7 thoughts on “This cartoon shows what Glenn Beck believes

  1. You would be surprised at many aspects Mormons do not know about what their religion actually holds as true. Just as many Christians do not know a lot of what is in the Bible, many Mormons do not know what is in the Pearl of Great Price or Doctrine and Covenants, which are the other two authoritative books of the LDS. Add into that things their Prophets have taught and there is a lot to know.

    Given this, let’s not presume Beck knows and affirms everything the LDS church holds to be true.

  2. If you’re more inclined, you can also check out the podcast Irreligiosophy, by two ex-Mormons. They spare no expense to ridicule the Mormons they left behind.

  3. I’ve got elders/missionaries coming over tonight, although I think I’m going to have to call them off as the wife is ill. The last couple times we finally got them bringing some of the locals, which was quite interesting since we know a lot of the same people. We’re planning on checking out the local LDS church and sitting in on a service whenever we both get a free Sunday.
    It’s been interesting, especially my wife’s reaction to some of it. She finds it easy to dismiss much of the specifics on rational grounds, but is finding that she shares a common underlying basis for her faith in God.
    The believers discussed intuition and faith in the usual naive way. I try and avoid arguments and make my position known more to my wife, who is genuinely curious about what I think, after the missionaries leave.
    It’s obviously pointless trying to argue with the missionaries. I’ve found that they fail to understand the difference between faith in everyday commonalities, such as faith placed in one’s spouse (this was pointed out as evidence that I had faith as a nonbeliever), and faith in a creator god.

    Checking out that podcast, Kilre. It seems relevant.

  4. schwan: I suggest letting your wife explore what the LDS official teachings are, missionaries and elders, like Jehovah’s Witnesses are never upfront with all the teachings. You are eased into it after a commitment is made. Check out a site like, or and find out the things the missionaries will not tell you or admit to on their visits.

    Take a few notes and ask questions.

  5. If there’s anything we have learned here today, it’s that we can now call Neuenschwander just “schwan.”

    It works for me.

    Seriously, we should all agree that Beck knows and affirms everything the LDS church holds to be true.

    Thanks for the recommend, Kilre.

    And thanks for the comments, John Barron Jr. I’m just bustin’ chops over the schwan thing.



  6. But why would you say he does affirm everything the LDS teaches? There are plenty of adherents of religions who do not affirm every aspect of their professed faith. Where do you think the term “cafeteria Catholic” came from?

    At most you could say he knows enough of LDS teaching to claim the faith as his own, but its speculation what he affirms and what he denies until he speaks on the issue.

    1. You’re right. If a believer of any ilk tried to follow the holy scripture and traditions of their choice to its logical conclusions, they would never be able to do it. I’m not quite sure if you’re supporting Beck or not in this situation. I don’t really care.

      The fact is we hope that Christians, Jews and Muslims do not follow their scriptures to a T.

      Hell, many can say that atheism has inspired evil and all that, and I hope I never aspire to be the death metal reincarnation of Stalin slash Pol Pot. I don’t eat at that cafeteria. Or so I think. Wait, do I eat at that cafeteria and I NEVER knew it? I know I hate Cambodian food. Maybe I hate Cambodians, too?

      I kid.

      I’ve written Beck off, and perhaps we can blame it on Beck’s foundation of lunacy.

      Or not.

      Secularism works more than well for me, because it works well for the Christians, Muslims and Jews I know too. We can all agree on several moral behaviors cultivated by a secular society.

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